"Our employment physicals and DOT drug testing saved an oil industry client

$6 Million/year on Workers Comp insurance premiums alone by preventing

the hiring of high-risk applicants."


Richard Bartlett MD, Owner/Medical Director

CBS 7 Medical Expert & Oil Field Medical Expert


/Dr. Richard Bartlett, Medical Director

Dr. Bartlett is best known to residents of Odessa/Midland as the CBS 7 Medical Expert for the past 20 consecutive years. He is also distinguished as having served as the President of the Ector County Medical Society for an unprecedented 4 terms. Additionally, Dr. Bartlett is the recipient of the Meritorious Service Award from the Texas Health Services Commission.

“As a convenience to oil companies, I created

One-Stop-Screening’ – Functional Capacity Tests,

Drug Tests, Doctors Physicals, Hearing and Vision screening, and Fit test & Spirometry testing - within the same screening session."

Dr. Richard Bartlett  earned both his Medical Technology degree and M.D. from Texas Tech University and is a graduate of Permian High School .  Based on his experiences as an ER physician and Medical Director of multiple public and private ambulance services, Dr. Bartlett is passionate about helping oil companies prevent work related injuries with the goal of health and safety for all Texans. 

As a medical doctor with over 20 years experience,

I am able to screen out high-risk applicants for less reportable injuries.”  

While appointed to the TEXAS HEATH DISPARITIES TASK FORCE, Dr. Bartlett advised the Governor, Lt. Governor, and Speaker of the House on ways to improve access to quality healthcare for all Texans. Although originally a 2-year Governor appointment, Dr. Bartlett’s appointment was extended to 7 years.

Dr. Richard Bartlett is the author of “Journey of a Medicine Man: Doctor Confirmed Miracles” about his true life story of traveling from his home in Crane TX, (Pop. 3K + 1 stoplight) to places like Beirut, Kurdistan and China to provide free medicine and medical care

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Our Goal

We assist oil companies in decreasing the number of recordable injuries.

Our mission is to make the oilfield a safer place to work.

How we are different

  • Medical Doctor Owned and Supervised

  • 50% Reduction in Reportable Injuries

  • 0.67% EMR Score(1.0 is average)

  • More Affordable Pricing

  • Oil Industry Experts

DOT Services

We offer Instant drug screens 5 and 12 panel for DOT and Non-DOT

  •   DOT Physicals

  •   DOT Renewals

  •   New DOT

  •   DOT Urine Collection

  •   DOT Urine Drug Screen

  •   DOT BAT

  •   Instant Drug Screen

Pre-Employment Physicals

Pre-Employment/Post-offer physicals are tailored to fit your specific needs.  We can create a physical specific to your protocols for each oilfield position.

Our comprehensive physical includes a thorough patient history to identify hidden injuries.​

Capabilities include calisthenics and specific exercises to check for proper joint junction.

Hearing screens are done to screen for pre-existing hearing loss prior to hire.  They can also be done if needed after an accident.

  • Computerized FIT mask test (masks of your companies’ choice)

  • Comprehensive Doctor's Physical/Exam

  • Spirometry-Pulmonary function test

  • Functional Capacity Testing

  • Drug Screen

  • Vision Test

  • Hearing Test

  • Vital signs.

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Do you want to hire the most capable employees for the job?

Do you want to know if your injured employee is OK to go back to work?

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